The White Horse Theatre – at our school

On the 1st of March 2019 the ‘White Horse Theatre’ was at our school and played two different plays. First they played ‘Honesty’ for the fifth and sixth grade, then‘The Tyrant’s Kiss’ for the seventh and eighth grade. ‘The Tyrant’s Kiss’ is an up-to-date story by William Shakespeare which is an exciting story about a man, who is wanted by the police and lost his family. There is a happy ending.

The man was called Perry and fled from the police, so he went by boat to Italy but he came into a storm and he stranded at a shore. He was found by a man and his daughter. Perry and the daughter fell in love, married and the wife got pregnant. When the baby was born, it looked like the wife died while giving birth. Perry gave the baby to another woman, because he was arrested and had to go to prison for 15 years. After the 15 years he started searching for his daughter. He found her, she was sold to work as a prostitute but she didn’t want to do that. When Perry found her, he fainted and came in a hospital. The hospital was the hospital where Perry’s wife worked as a doctor – she never died. When Perry was by himself, he noticed that the doctor was his wife and all started hugging each other – what a happy ending.

von Mara

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